Browse our selection of guitar and bass effect pedals, we selected some of the most interesting ones on the market and regularly deal in Rocktron, Danelectro, Belcat, Dunlop and MXR...

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  1. Guitar Patrol - Belcat BLD-508 Blues Drive

    Belcat BLD-508 Blues Drive

    € 28.00

    The Belacat BLD-508 in a guitar overdrive pedal tailored for the smooth, creamy overtones sought after in most Blues music. More Info...
  2. Belcat CHR-504 Analog Chorus Pedal

    Belcat CHR-504 Analog Chorus Pedal

    € 31.50

    Analog chorus pedal that offers precise Rate and Depth control, all at an amazing price! More Info...
  3. Belcat CMP-509 Compressor Pedal

    Belcat CMP-509 Compressor Pedal

    € 32.50

    Another affordable pedal by Belcat, with precise Attack and Sustain control. More Info...
  4. Belcat OVD-502 Overdrive Pedal

    Belcat OVD-502 Overdrive Pedal

    € 27.50

    A great, controllable overdrive at an affordable price, housed in solid steel casing. More Info...
  5. Guitar Patrol - Belcat PHS-505 Phaser

    Belcat PHS-505 Phaser

    € 29.00

    Excellent Phaser effect for guitar - great value and great looks! More Info...
  6. Belcat TRM-507 Tremolo Pedal

    Belcat TRM-507 Tremolo Pedal

    € 30.50

    This great looking Tremolo pedal has a light-weight, yet very robust construction. More Info...
  7. Danelectro COOL CAT OVERDRIVE CO-1

    Danelectro Cool Cat Drive V2

    € 39.00

    True-bypass, cool tone. The new version of this Danelectro classic offers more control and versatility. More Info...
  8. Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz V2

    Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz V2

    € 40.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    A very versatile pedal for classic 70's powerchords with great note separation and clarity, now Version 2! More Info...
  9. Danelectro COOL CAT METAL II CM-2

    Danelectro Cool Cat Metal II CM-2

    € 39.00

    A pedal for the fast fingered metal player with massive quantities of distortion and sustain. More Info...
  10. Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive CTO-2

    Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive CTO-2

    € 39.00

    The V2 is still one of the coolest Cats around! More Info...

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