Belcat CMP-509 Compressor Pedal


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Another affordable pedal by Belcat, with precise Attack and Sustain control.

Belcat CMP-509 Compressor Pedal

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Housed in solid steel casing, this pedal gives you precise Attack and Sustain control. Making this a must have addition to any guitarists pedal collection.

This pedal has a solid footswitch and can be operated with either a 9v Battery or an Adapter. Another "great value for money" pedal.

Input Impedance: 1MO
Output Impedance: 1KO less
Compression Range: 40dB
Current Draw: 11mA
Connectors: Input Jack, Output Jack, DC Input
Controls: Attack, Sustain, Level
Bypass: True Bypass
Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Battery or DC 9V Adapter
Dimensions: W110 mm X H 60mm X D 53mm (4.3" X 2.4" X 2.1")