Woodies Invisible Guitar Wall Hanger 2 (Vert)


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Hang your guitar securely and at any angle with Woodies hangers. The Vert model (aka Hanger 2) is for guitars with side-mounted strap buttons and angled headstocks like Gibson/Epiphone LP & PRS.

Woodies Invisible Guitar Wall Hanger 2 (Vert)

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Causes no stress on neck of guitar, or damage to the body, the brackets won’t touch the guitar!
Can be displayed at ANY angle on your wall or ceiling!
Is barely visible when the guitar is off the wall!
Won’t be knocked over by pets, children or the vacuum cleaner!
Is the perfect gift for any guitarist!

The Vert Model is for guitars with an angled headstock, where the head of the guitar is angled backwards. Gibson and Ephipone Les Pauls have this headstock. Paul Reed Smith guitars also have this headstock and require this model.

The top bracket is spaced out a little to keep the angled Head off the wall!