Woodies Invisible Guitar Wall Hanger GS


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Hang your guitar securely at any angle! For guitars with back-mounted strap buttons: like Gibson/Epiphone SG models.

Woodies Invisible Guitar Wall Hanger GS

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The Woodies Invisible Guitar Wall Hanger GS supports your guitar by the strap buttons and has a patent-pending, quick-release top bracket so you can take your pride and joy down easily to play it, then clip it quickly back in place on display. The guitar wall hanger holds your axe securely at any angle. The GS model is designed for narrow-bodied guitars with one strap button on the back (such as on Gibson SG models). The GS guitar hanger has a specially designed top bracket for backside strap buttons. This kit fits guitars with the strap button mounted on the backside. If this does not describe your guitar's setup, check out the Standard guitar wall hanger or the Vert model.