Skull Strings Baritone Guitar Strings 12-58

Skull Strings

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Skull Strings for electric guitars - low tuning and baritone. This set includes the following gauges: .012 - .016 - .024w - .036w - .046w - .058w (set of 6 guitar strings).

Guitar Patrol - Skull Strings Xtreme Line 12-58


Guitar strings with a perfect gauge and optimal tension for low tunings and baritone guitars! Skull strings are made from high-quality imported Swedish metals that contain over 17% chromium. This high grade stainless steel forms an invisible and highly protective passive layer of chromium oxide on the surface. It's the presence of the element chromium in excess and the humidity in the air that are responsible for the formation of this layer. Once this layer deteriorates, it regenerates itself by the same process. This unique process makes SKULL Strings resistant to corrosion and oxidation.