Shubb Tone Bar RR1


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Robert Randolph Signature. 3.25 inches long, hand machined of brass and heavily chrome plated.

Shubb Tone Bar RR1

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  • Robert Randolph


Both the RR1 and RR2 are 3.25 inches long. They are hand machined of brass and heavily chrome plated.

Robert Randolph is taking the steel guitar into a whole new direction, and people are sitting up and taking notice. Shubb couldn't help but notice that he was using one of Shubb's bars.

Shubb's Gary Mobley went to hear him play, and got a chance to chat with him backstage. Robert said that he loved the Shubb bars just as they were, but when Gary asked "If you could have it exactly the way you want..." then Robert began making some suggestions.

A few generations of prototypes later, Shubb arrived at the two bars that Robert now endorses and uses exclusively.