Scratch Pad USA Hell Yeah!

Scratch Pad

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Flash the crowd with your Hell Yeah!! designer Scratch Pad® and protect your instrument at the same time!

Scratch Pad USA Hell Yeah!

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Scratch Pad® is an attractive, NON-ADHESIVE, REMOVABLE guitar finish protector which is easily applied, removed and re-applied to another guitar in seconds. Scratch Pad's multi-layered design shields your guitar from the scratches, dings and impact-divots which are caused by belt buckles, buttons, zippers, snaps, pocket rivets and... the abrasive effect of denim.

Scratch Pad's patented "Sof-Cling"TM technology allows Scratch Pad to cling gently but securely to your guitar or bass WITHOUT the use of adhesives, elastic bands or vinyl films. Easily customizable for non-standard modeled instruments by simply cutting the pad into the right shape.

Not to be used on shellac or nitrolaquered instruments.