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  1. Guitar Patrol - Allparts EP-4144-000 Wiring Kit for Gibson® Jimmy Page Les Paul®

    Allparts EP-4144-000 Wiring Kit for Gibson® Jimmy Page Les Paul®

    € 70.00

    Wiring Kit for Jimmy Page style Gibson® ® Les Paul®, made of high quality Switchcraft and Sprague components. More Info...
  2. Sperzel Trim Lok 6L Reversible Nickel

    Allparts Mini 6-in-line Locking Tuners - Chrome

    € 55.00

    Allparts TK 7574-010 - mini locking machines for electric guitar, 6-in-line, chrome finish. More Info...
  3. Allparts Tremol-No BP 2005-010 Small Clamp

    Allparts Tremol-No BP 2007-010 Small Clamp

    € 71.00

    Use your Floyd-style bridge in 3 ways (normal, fixed, dive-only) by adjusting a thumb screw! More Info...
  4. Allparts Wiring Kit for Jazzmaster®

    Allparts Wiring Kit for Jazzmaster®

    € 69.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    Wiring Kit for Jazzmaster® guitars, to be used as replacement or to build a whole new instrument. Includes all the necessary parts and comes with schematics. More Info...
  5. Guitar Patrol - Babicz FCH 4 Chrome Bass Bridge

    Babicz 4-string Bass Bridge - FCH 4 Chrome

    € 99.00

    Babicz 4-string Bass Bridge FCH 4, direct replacement for Fender 5-point mounting system Precision and Jazz basses. Chrome finish. More Info...
  6. Guitar Patrol - EMG 81-7 Black

    EMG 81-7 Black

    € 89.00

    High output pickup for 7-string guitars, designed especially for the lead guitarist. More Info...
  7. Guitar Patrol - EMG 89 for electric guitar

    EMG 89 Black

    € 98.00

    Dual-mode active humbucker for electric guitar, includes all you need to install it, solder-less system. More Info...
  8. Guitar Patrol - EMG ALX Signature Pickup

    EMG ALX Alexi Laiho

    € 92.00

    EMG ALX - Alexi Laiho Signature model humbucker, passive. Includes the new ABQ EQ/Boost push-pull circuitry.
    More Info...
  9. Guitar Patrol - EMG RPC

    EMG EXB for Bass

    € 65.00

    The EMG EXB is an unconventional equalization control for bass that increases the low and high frequency regions while reducing the midrange simultaneously to provide the gain and punch that bass players want. More Info...
  10. EMG EXG Expander

    EMG EXG Expander

    € 65.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    The EMG EXG is great for creating a fuller tone that doesn't get muddy, while keeping it clean and clear, letting your guitar stand out in the mix. More Info...

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