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  1. Guitar Patrol - Cruz Tools MLT-1

    Cruz Tools MLT-1 Multi-tool

    € 14.95

    Cruz Tools MLT-1 Multitool, for most bridge, truss-rod and other adjustments, for both guitar and bass. More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - Cruz Tools SC-1 String Cutter

    Cruz Tools SC-1 String Cutter

    € 11.90

    Cruz Tools SC-1, string cutter, works equally well on both guitar and bass strings. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - CruzTools JPT-1 Jack Pot Tool

    CruzTools JPT1 Jack/Pot Tool

    € 17.50

    CruzTools JPT1 Jack and pot tool, 1/2", 7/16", and 12mm wrench in a compact four-inch tool to handle the most common sizes of jacks and pots on instruments, amps, and other audio gear. More Info...

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