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  1. Guitar Patrol - LOXX Strap Locks Skull Edition - Antique

    Loxx Strap Locks Skull Edition, Antique

    € 18.90

    Loxx Strap Locks (set of 2) for electric guitar and bass, Skull Edition, Antique finish. Made in Germany. More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - Virgo by CTS, 500K long shaft audio pot

    Panasonic Powerline 1,5V AA Batteries (4-pack)

    Panasonic Industrial 1,5V alkaline battery, AA-size (LR6). One pack contains 4xAA batteries. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - T'n'T Tools 6"/150mm Stainless Steel Ruler

    T'n'T Tools 6"/150mm Stainless Steel Ruler

    € 3.00

    A classic tool that every guitar and bass player, as well as any repairman or builder, cannot afford to not own. This stainless steel rule makes it easy to accurately measure lengths of up to 6" or 150mm. More Info...

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