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  1. Hipshot Tremsetter

    Hipshot Tremsetter

    € 75.00

    The Tremsetter greatly improves guitar performance by automatically returning your full floating tremolo to an exact "zero" neutral position, eliminating flutter and sag, so your guitar remains in tune. More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - Hipshot Vintage Tuners upgrade kit with UMP - Chrome

    Hipshot Vintage Tuner UPG KIT - Chrome

    € 82.50

    The vintage tuner upgrade kit from Hipshot includes 6-in-line Grip-Lock staggered locking tuners and Hipshot's handy UMP, allowing for installation without drilling new holes in the guitar's headstock. Chrome Version. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - Les Paul wiring kit, long shaft CTS pots

    WD Wiring Kit for Les Paul - Long pots

    € 53.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    Wiring Kit for Les Paul and similar style guitars, CTS pots with long shafts. More Info...

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