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  1. Mighty Mite MM5910 US J-Bass Style Pickguard Black

    Fender Vintage Stratocaster® Intonation Springs

    € 6.00

    Set of 12 genuine Fender American Vintage Stratocaster bridge saddle intonation springs. Part. No. 001-9273-049 More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - Fender® American String Guides

    Fender® American Standard String Guides

    € 7.10

    Fender® original replacement string guides, aka string trees. Used on American Standard, American Series, American Special, and American Deluxe (USA) electric guitar models. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - Fender® Jazz Bass Knob Set, black

    Fender® Jazz Bass Knob Set

    € 9.90

    Original Fender® Jazz Bass replacement knob set. Three knobs, 2 big and one small (Volume, Volume, Tone) black knobs with set screws and white indicator lines. Will fit most J-Bass models manufactured from 1964 to present, both in the US and Mexico. More Info...
  4. Guitar Patrol - Fender® TBX Control

    Fender® No-Load 250K Tone Control

    € 9.90

    Fender® No-Load Tone Control, functions as a normal tone control from 1 to 9. At 10, however, the tone control is taken out of the circuit for increased output and overall tonal response. More Info...

Set Descending Direction