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  1. Guitar Patrol - Fender 099-1342-000 3-ply '62 Stratocaster® pickguard - White Moto

    Fender 3-ply '62 Stratocaster® pickguard - White Moto

    € 46.00

    Genuine Fender White Moto, 3-Ply, 11-Hole '62 Stratocaster® pickguard for 3 single coil pickups. Part number: 099-1342-000 More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - Fender 005-4021-000 Mint Green HSS pickguard

    Fender 3-ply H/S/S Stratocaster® pickguard - Mint Green

    € 42.00

    Genuine Fender 005-4021-000 11-hole H/S/S 3-ply Mint Green pickguard for Fender Stratocaster® with 3-hole humbucker mount. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - Fender 099-1346-000 '57 Stratocaster Pickguard - Black Pearl

    Fender 4-ply '57 Stratocaster® pickguard - Black Pearl

    € 42.00

    Genuine Fender Black Pearl, 4-Ply, 8 Hole Stratocaster® pickguard for 3 single coil pickups. Part number: 099-1346-000 More Info...
  4. Mighty Mite MM5910 US J-Bass Style Pickguard Black

    Fender Vintage Stratocaster® Intonation Springs

    € 6.00

    Set of 12 genuine Fender American Vintage Stratocaster bridge saddle intonation springs. Part. No. 001-9273-049 More Info...
  5. Guitar Patrol - Fender Original 70s F-tuners

    Fender® 70S F-Tuners - Chrome

    € 49.00

    Genuine Fender® 70s F-logo tuners, chrome finish. Features split post shafts, offset mounting tabs and the F logo on each tuner. Includes mounting hardware. Set of 6. More Info...
  6. Guitar Patrol - Fender® American String Guides

    Fender® American Standard String Guides

    € 7.10

    Fender® original replacement string guides, aka string trees. Used on American Standard, American Series, American Special, and American Deluxe (USA) electric guitar models. More Info...
  7. Guitar Patrol - Allparts 5-way guitar switch Oak Grigsby

    Fender® Custom Shop 4-Way Tele Switch

    € 18.90

    Used on many Fender® Custom Shop instruments, this switch gives you the extra possibility to combine you Telecaster's pickups both in series and in parallel. Original Fender replacement part, includes two mounting screws, schematic and a black barrel type switch tip. More Info...
  8. Guitar Patrol - Fender® Jazz Bass Knob Set, black

    Fender® Jazz Bass Knob Set

    € 9.90

    Original Fender® Jazz Bass replacement knob set. Three knobs, 2 big and one small (Volume, Volume, Tone) black knobs with set screws and white indicator lines. Will fit most J-Bass models manufactured from 1964 to present, both in the US and Mexico. More Info...
  9. Guitar Patrol  - Fender Original locking tuners - chrome

    Fender® Locking Tuners - Chrome

    € 75.00

    Fender® locking tuners in a chrome finish, including mounting bushings. Can dramatically help fix your tuning issues. These are factory installed on the American Deluxe model guitars. More Info...
  10. Guitar Patrol - Fender® nickel vintage bridge block screws, nickel

    Fender® nickel vintage bridge block screws, nickel

    € 4.90

    Genuine Fender® nickel vintage bridge block screws. These screws secure the baseplate of a US tremolo to the sustain block. More Info...

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