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  1. Guitar Patrol - EMG 707TW 7-string

    EMG 707TW Dual Mode 7-String - Black

    € 119.00

    EMG 707TW active, dual-mode humbucker for 7-string electric guitar with a warm, natural tone. More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - EMG 81TW Active Humbucker

    EMG 81TW Black

    € 120.00

    Featuring two independent preamps, the EMG 81TW active humbucker offers a wide range of tonal possibilities. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - EMG81XX - Black

    EMG 81X Active Humbucker

    € 109.00

    The EMG 81X provides increased headroom giving the voicing an organic and open tone while still maintaining the clarity and response that EMG’s are known for. Black version. More Info...
  4. Guitar Patrol - EMG 85X - Black

    EMG 85X Active Humbucker

    € 109.00

    The EMG 85X is very powerful active pickup with exceptional tone and versatility. More Info...
  5. Guitar Patrol - EMG J-Set White active bass pickups

    EMG J-Set bass pickups - White

    € 159.00

    The classic active Jazz bass pickup set from EMG, white covers. More Info...
  6. EMG James Hetfield JH "HET" Set Black Nickel

    EMG James Hetfield JH "HET" Set Black Nickel

    € 225.00

    James Hetfield wanted something not only "new" sounding, but also totally new looking. Check it out! More Info...
  7. Guitar Patrol - EMG JV-Set for electric bass

    EMG JV-Set bass pickups

    € 169.00

    EMG JV-set, active pickups and electronic for Jazz Bass. More Info...
  8. Guitar Patrol - EMG SAV Set for guitar

    EMG SAV Set Black

    € 249.00

    Active single-coil pickup set for strat-style guitars. The EMG SAV set is a great upgrade for everyone wanting more power and clarity from his or her guitar without sacrificing that warm AlNiCo V tone... More Info...
  9. Hipshot "A" style  Bass Bridge Chrome

    Hipshot "A" style Bass Bridge Chrome

    € 199.00

    Upgrade your bass using the extremely versatile A style bridge! Chrome over brass, 2-1/4" (.750" / 19mm) string spacing. More Info...
  10. Guitar Patrol - Hipshot Grip-Lock guitar tuners - Black

    Hipshot 6L Grip-Lock Tuner UPG KIT - Black

    € 139.00

    Hipshot Grip-Lock tuner upgrade kit. 6-in-line staggered locking tuners and universal mounting plate to avoid having to drill extra holes in the guitar's headstock. Black version. More Info...

Set Descending Direction

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