Tuning Machines

Tuning machines for guitar and bass, locking, non locking, 6 in line, 3 per side. In this section you'll also find parts for tuning machines. We carry Fender, Kluson, Sperzel, Hipshot, Gotoh and many more...

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  1. Guitar Patrol - Fender Original 70s F-tuners

    Fender® 70S F-Tuners - Chrome

    € 49.00

    Genuine Fender® 70s F-logo tuners, chrome finish. Features split post shafts, offset mounting tabs and the F logo on each tuner. Includes mounting hardware. Set of 6. More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol  - Fender Original locking tuners - chrome

    Fender® Locking Tuners - Chrome

    € 75.00

    Fender® locking tuners in a chrome finish, including mounting bushings. Can dramatically help fix your tuning issues. These are factory installed on the American Deluxe model guitars. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - Grover Rotogrip 502C

    Grover Locking Roto-Grip Rotomatics 502C Chrome

    € 85.00

    Grover Rotomatics set with Roto-Grip locking system, 18:1 gear ratio, 3-per-side, for electric guitar. Chrome. More Info...
  4. Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 6L Black

    Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines 6L Black

    € 62.00

    PWAT-6R2, set of 6 tuning-machines with built-in hardened steel string cutters. Excellent for aggressive tremolo use. More Info...
  5. Sperzel Trim Lok 6L Reversible Satin Chrome

    Sperzel Trim Lok 6L Reversible Satin Chrome

    € 85.00

    Staggered posts. Locking system that can be used on ANY guitar, including non-trem or acoustic, also for left handed guitars. More Info...

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