Tuning Machines

Tuning machines for guitar and bass, locking, non locking, 6 in line, 3 per side. In this section you'll also find parts for tuning machines. We carry Fender, Kluson, Sperzel, Hipshot, Gotoh and many more...

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  1. Hipshot BT1 Bass Extender Nickel

    Hipshot Bass Extender BT1 Nickel - bass side

    € 79.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    Hipshot Bass Extender BT1 for TK-0791-001 (Schaller) Keys. Drop tune your Music Man or G & L. More Info...
  2. Hipshot BT2 Bass Extender Nickel

    Hipshot Bass Extender BT2 Nickel - bass side

    € 79.00

    Hipshot Bass Extender BT2 for TK-0881-001 (CBS) Fender® Keys. Drop tune your USA '67-'82 Fender P & J Bass. More Info...
  3. Hipshot BT3 Bass Extender

    Hipshot Bass Extender BT3 Nickel - bass side

    € 99.00

    Hipshot Bass Extender BT3 for TK-0790-001 Large Fender® (Pre-CBS) tuning machines. Nickel finish. More Info...
  4. Guitar Patrol - Hipshot BT7 Bass Extender Nickel

    Hipshot Bass Extender BT7 Double Stop Nickel

    € 119.00

    Hipshot Bass Xtender BT7 (20700N) double stop for Mexican made Fender basses and many Squier basses. Nickel finish. More Info...
  5. Guitar Patrol - Hipshot GB7 Gotoh Bass Extender - Chrome

    Hipshot Bass Extender GB7 Chrome - bass side

    € 89.00

    Hipshot Bass Extender GB7, replaces Gotoh sealed bass keys. Fits most Yamaha, Ibanez, Peavey, Schecter and Warwick bass guitars. Chrome finish. More Info...

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