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  1. Guitar Patrol - EMG Pro Series David Gilmour DG-20 Pickguard

    EMG DG-20 David Gilmour Pro Series Pickguard

    € 298.00

    The EMG Pro Series David Gilmour DG-20 prewired pickguard gets you a huge array of sounds. Comes equipped with active AlNiCo single-coils and custom EMG electronics. More Info...
  2. EMG James Hetfield JH "HET" Set Black Nickel

    EMG James Hetfield JH "HET" Set Black Nickel

    € 225.00

    James Hetfield wanted something not only "new" sounding, but also totally new looking. Check it out! More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - EMG SAV Set for guitar

    EMG SAV Set Black

    € 249.00

    Active single-coil pickup set for strat-style guitars. The EMG SAV set is a great upgrade for everyone wanting more power and clarity from his or her guitar without sacrificing that warm AlNiCo V tone... More Info...

Set Descending Direction