We specialize in parts and accessories for electric guitar and bass. Please, feel free to contact us should you be looking for something that is not shown on the website - we will most likely be able to assist you.

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  1. Guitar Patrol - Fender® American String Guides

    Fender® American Standard String Guides

    € 7.10

    Fender® original replacement string guides, aka string trees. Used on American Standard, American Series, American Special, and American Deluxe (USA) electric guitar models. More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - Fender® nickel vintage bridge block screws, nickel

    Fender® nickel vintage bridge block screws, nickel

    € 4.90

    Genuine Fender® nickel vintage bridge block screws. These screws secure the baseplate of a US tremolo to the sustain block. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - Guitar and bass neck screws, black

    WD Music guitar and bass neck screw set (4), black

    € 4.10

    Neck screw set (4) for guitar and bass, standard US Fender® lenght. Matte black. More Info...

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