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Set Descending Direction

  1. Guitar Patrol - Gold Kluson strap buttons

    Kluson replacement Gibson strap buttons, gold

    € 6.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    Set of 2 Kluson replacement strap buttons for Gibson guitars, gold. Mounting screws included. More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - Schaller Security Locks - Gold

    Schaller Security Locks (set of 2) Gold

    € 23.50

    Schaller Security Locks, the safest way to secure the strap to your guitar! More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - Virgo Eye-shaped Jack Plate Gold

    Virgo Eye-Shaped Jack Plate Gold

    € 7.50

    Virgo guitar jack plate, eye-shaped (aka "football" jack plate). Gold finish. More Info...
  4. Virgo recessed strat-style jack plate - Gold

    Virgo recessed strat-style jack plate - Gold

    € 3.60

    Virgo recessed guitar jack plate, strat-style. Gold finish. More Info...
  5. Guitar Patrol - Virgo Eye-shaped Jack Plate Gold

    Virgo Rectangular Jack Plate Gold

    € 5.50

    Virgo guitar jack plate, rectangular. Gold finish. More Info...
  6. Guitar Patrol - Virgo Gold Strap Button Set

    Virgo Strap Buttons (set of 2) Gold

    € 5.30

    Virgo traditional strap button set, gold finish. Ideal as a replacement part or to add a finishing touch to your own guitar or bass project. Includes mounting screws. More Info...

Set Descending Direction