EMG 707TW Dual Mode 7-String - Black


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EMG 707TW active, dual-mode humbucker for 7-string electric guitar with a warm, natural tone.

Guitar Patrol - EMG 707TW 7-string


The EMG 707TW is a twist on the original 707 that includes a stacked single coil option in addition to the original dual coil sound (via a push/pull pot). Like the original, the 707TW eliminates the problem of a muddy low B string, adding back rich harmonic character and definition. Featuring Alnico V loaded, wide aperture coils, EMG beefs up the Low B string tone while maintaining a balanced and articulate upper register. This provides a responsive and tight humbucker and single coil sound that players love. Unlike typical 'tapped' humbuckers, the 707TW has a separate coil for the single coil sound, providing two distinct tones in one pickup. Whether you are ringing out Opeth-style jazz chords or playing palm muted death chugs, these pickups will articulate every note, chord, and harmonic you ask of them. Used equally in the bridge and neck positions, these pickups will forever change how you hear and play your 7-string guitar. EMG's Solderless wiring makes installation easy to do on your own.