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  1. Guitar Patrol - Allparts 5-way guitar switch Oak Grigsby

    Fender® Custom Shop 4-Way Tele Switch

    € 18.90

    Used on many Fender® Custom Shop instruments, this switch gives you the extra possibility to combine you Telecaster's pickups both in series and in parallel. Original Fender replacement part, includes two mounting screws, schematic and a black barrel type switch tip. More Info...
  2. Guitar Patrol - Fender® TBX Control

    Fender® No-Load 250K Tone Control

    € 9.90

    Fender® No-Load Tone Control, functions as a normal tone control from 1 to 9. At 10, however, the tone control is taken out of the circuit for increased output and overall tonal response. More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - Fender® TBX Control

    Fender® TBX Tone Control

    € 13.90

    Fender® TBX Treble Bass Expander: stacked 250k/1 Meg control enhances your tonal palette without the use of a battery. From 0 to 5, the TBX is your standard tone control, but once you pass 5 you start to decrease the resistance, which allows more bass, treble, presence and output to flow to your amp. More Info...
  4. Guitar Patrol - Virgo DPDT 250K push-pull guitar potentiometer

    Virgo 250K Push-Pull Audio Taper Pot

    € 8.50

    Virgo 250KOhm DPDT push-pull potentiometer, audio/log (generally used as a volume control for electric guitar). The switching mechanic allows for the creation of custom wirings in various guitars. More Info...
  5. GUitar Patrol - Virgo 25KOhm Mini Audio (log) Pot.

    Virgo 25K Mini Audio Pot

    € 4.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    25K Mini Audio Taper (log) potentiometer w/split and knurled shaft. Includes nut and washer. More Info...
  6. Virgo guitars 25K Ohm mini pot

    Virgo 25K Mini Tone Pot

    € 4.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    Virgo 25KOhm Mini Tone Pot, linear taper, split knurled shaft. For electric guitar and bass. Made in Japan. More Info...
  7. Guitar Patrol - Virgo DPDT 500K push-pull guitar potentiometer

    Virgo 500K Push-Pull Audio Taper Pot

    € 8.50

    Virgo 500KOhm DPDT push-pull potentiometer. Great if you want an easy way to split your humbucker or add phase and series/parallel combinations. Comes with nut and washer. Made in Japan. More Info...
  8. Guitar Patrol - Virgo by CTS, 500K long shaft audio pot

    Virgo by CTS 500K Split Shaft Audio Pot, Long

    € 8.00

    CTS 500K solid shaft audio pot, Virgo packaging, includes nut and washer. This long shaft version is suitable for thick body guitars, like the Les Paul and many others, used as both volume and tone control on humbucker-equipped electric guitars. More Info...
  9. Guitar Patrol - Virgo LP short toggle switch

    Virgo Short LP Toggle Switch w/cream tip

    € 9.50

    Virgo 3-way LP-style short toggle switch with a cream tip, includes installation nut and washer. More Info...
  10. Guitar Patrol - Les Paul wiring kit, long shaft CTS pots

    WD Wiring Kit for Les Paul - Long pots

    € 53.00

    Temporarily Sold Out

    Wiring Kit for Les Paul and similar style guitars, CTS pots with long shafts. More Info...

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