Dunlop 6200 Fretwire Medium


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Dunlop 6S/6200 nickel-silver fretwire, medium. The package includes 24 pre-cut frets that are easy to bend, should the radius of your fingerboard require it. A 18% nickel content makes the 6200 a hard fretwire and it's size makes it perfect for vintage and vintage reissue guitars.

Dunlop Fretwire 6S/6200 Medium


Dunlop Accu-Fret® fretwire is manufactured from a durable nickel/silver alloy and delivers a warm and clear tone, the preferred brand for guitar builders and repairmen worldwide.
18% Nickel, hard, 2-5/8 inch long, 24 pieces (66,67mm length)

Width: 2,0mm
Hight: 1,1mm
Length: 66,77mm