Allparts Tremol-No BP 2007-010 Small Clamp


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Use your Floyd-style bridge in 3 ways (normal, fixed, dive-only) by adjusting a thumb screw!

Allparts Tremol-No BP 2005-010 Small Clamp

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  • Allparts Tremol-No BP 2005-010 Small Clamp


The Tremol-No is the accessory of choice for versatile guitar players: designed to be installed without any modification to the guitar, the Tremol-No allows the player to have total control over his Floyd-style tremolo.

Choose between normal operation, locked position or dive-only operation by simply adjusting a thumb screw! It takes seconds and allows you to change string pitch without having to recalibrate your tremolo, or just change strings fast by holding your bridge in a fixed position.

Instructions and hardware included.