EMG SAV Set Black


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Pickup set for strat-style guitars. The EMG SAV set is a great upgrade for everyone wanting more power and clarity from his or her guitar.

Guitar Patrol - EMG SAV Set for guitar

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The SAV Set has the tone, clarity, responsiveness and look that vintage enthusiasts will appreciate, all topped off by EMG's reliability and quality of workmanship. Very similar to the SV, this model differs by featuring flat alnico V pole pieces, which provides the balanced field necessary for a more even response when using today's strings and flatter neck designs. Tonally based on early Strat™ designs, you'll hear that familiar peaky response giving it a vintage "quack", but because it's truly a marriage of vintage design and state of the art with its newly designed preamp, this modern take has a much smoother tonal response whether played clean or overdriven; and with more output too!