Dewey Decibel's FlipOut Invisible

Dewey Decibel

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This one calls out "Play me, you genius of melody and rhyme!"

Dewey Decibel's FlipOut Invisible


Not just a pretty face, but honest-to-goodness high quality craftsmanship, the FlipOut is certified single-coil bliss, with a twist!

Its fantastic warm and punchy tone has been roundly praised by professionals, and will no doubt knock you out!

At long last, with this conspicuously cool axe, Dewey Decibel has corrected the primary design flaw of our esteemed guitar forebears!


Color: Pale Blue
Pickups: Single-Coil (Alnico)
Pickguard: White 3-Ply (WBW)
Knob/Pickup Color: White
Body Material: Basswood
Hardware: Chrome
Neck Material: Maple
Pickup Configuration: S-S-S
Fingerboard: Rosewood

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