Danelectro Dano '63 Re-issue Aqua


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A fun, retro looking, great sounding double cutaway guitar for a small price.

Danelectro 63 Dano Reissue Aqua


Back in ’63… gas cost 26 cents a gallon… a new group called the Beatles played the Ed Sullivan show…and an odd-looking electric guitar burst onto the pages of the Sears catalog.

Danelectro’s “model 1949” would soon become the rage of garage bands and pros alike. Why? One reason was tone. Danelectro’s pickups, ingeniously housed in lipstick tubes, quickly became known for their “signature twang”. The guitar bodies were lightweight and featured a hollow inner chamber which made them sonically “alive”… unlike traditional solid bodies. Fast forward forty-five years…

Danelectro re-issues this prized guitar…calling it the “Dano 63”. The first task in bringing back this great guitar was to replicate the 60’s era Lipstick pickups. That meant acquiring dozens of old Lipsticks and tearing them apart to uncover their “secrets”. The resulting reissue pickups are hot and sweet and sonically accurate to the originals.

Next they upgraded the tuners and bridges to make this guitar as fun to play as it is to listen to. And to make it just as fun to look at, they combed old paint archives for just the right “retro” colors to capture the soul and spirit of this great guitar. They then plated all the hardware with “zero gloss” nickel. And to be faithful to the Danelectro legacy, it is priced to be just as affordable as its 45 year old cousin.

The bridge and tuners are fully upgraded. Zero-gloss nickel hardware accents the cool retro colors.

A must have!


Body Type: Solid with hollow inner chamber
Body Wood: Plywood
Top wood: Pressed wood
Neck Shape: C-shape
Nut Width: 1.65"
Fretboard Radius: 14"
Bridge: Brass adjustable
Pickup Bridge: Lipstick
Pickup Middle: None
Pickup Neck: Lipstick
Controls: Master volume, master tone, 3-way pickup selector
Tuners: Enclosed
Pickup selector: 3-way
No. of Frets: 19
Hardware: Matte Nickel
Neck Material: Maple
Neck Type: Bolt-On
Scale: 25"
Fingerboard: Rosewood

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