Effect Pedals

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Set Descending Direction

  1. Danelectro COOL CAT METAL II CM-2

    Danelectro Cool Cat Metal II CM-2

    € 39.00

    A pedal for the fast fingered metal player with massive quantities of distortion and sustain. More Info...
  2. Danelectro DD-1 Fab Tone Distortion

    Danelectro DD-1 Fab Tone Distortion

    € 52.00

    True vintage sounding distortion in a metal chassis. More Info...
  3. Danelectro DJ-21 Black Coffee Metal Distortion

    Danelectro DJ-21 Black Coffee Metal Distortion

    € 42.50

    For real metal distortion without restraint! More Info...
  4. MXR Distortion+

    MXR Distortion +

    € 89.00

    MXR Distortion+ authentic retro sound & classic fuzz tones. More Info...
  5. Guitar Patrol - Rocktron Reaction Distortion 1

    Rocktron Reaction Distortion 1

    € 99.00

    Distortion pedal with extensive EQ controls in a solid metal chassis. More Info...
  6. Guitar Patrol - Rocktron Third Angel distortion stomp box

    Rocktron Third Angel

    € 95.00

    Part of the Rocktron Boutique Series of stomp boxes this pedal design comes in a rugged metal chassis with eye popping retro custom design laser etched artwork. More Info...

Set Descending Direction