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  1. Guitar Patrol - GHS Coated Guitar Boomers

    GHS Coated Boomers

    Starting at: € 8.50

    This new set of strings from GHS marries the classic warmth of the nickel and the longevity of a revolutionary coating that doesn't have any negative impact on string vibration. The GHS Coated Boomers are available in different gauges. More Info...
  2. GHS Fast Fret String & Fretboard Cleaner

    GHS Fast Fret String & Fretboard Cleaner

    € 6.00

    For use on strings, the fretboard and the back of the neck. Lets fingers slide freely and keeps strings clean! More Info...
  3. Guitar Patrol - GHS Boomers Custom Light

    GHS Guitar Boomers Custom Light

    € 7.00

    GHS Boomers Custom Light for electric guitar, GBCL 09-46 More Info...
  4. Guitar Patrol - GHS Boomers Extra Light

    GHS Guitar Boomers Extra Light

    € 7.00

    GHS Boomers Extra Light for electric guitar, GBXL 09-42 More Info...
  5. Guitar Patrol - GHS Boomers Light

    GHS Guitar Boomers Light

    GHS Boomers Light for electric guitar, GBL 10-46 More Info...

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