ZZYZX Snap Jack Instrument Cable 6.1m / 20ft


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Switch guitars without having to turn down your guitar volume and put your amp on standby.

ZZYZX Snap Jack Instrument Cable

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  • ZZYZX Snap Jack Instrument Cable
  • ZZYZX Snap Jack Instrument Cable


No more annoying popping and screeching when plugging in or unplugging your instruments while the amp is on.

Super-tough neodymium magnets and a slight magnetic polarity voodoo keep the jack-ends firmly in place unless pulled at an angle.

The Snap Jack 20 foot Guitar Cable with Straight Ends uses high end cables and neodymium magnets with 24 carat gold plated connectors.

Snap Jack magnets allow for quick separation when the cable is subject to excessive tension, thereby reducing the risk of damage to your equipment, while eliminating any obnoxious popping or screeching sounds when it snaps.

US Patent Pending Magnetic Precision Technology.