Sommer Cable Tricone MKII 3m / 9.84ft

Sommer Cable

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Very robust, dependable cable for live application and home recording.

Sommer Cable Tricone MKII 3m / 9.84ft

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Three corners...
and Sommer's new jack connector TRICONE® has all three of them. It is exclusively manufactured by NEUTRIK of Switzerland for SOMMER CABLE. Now the ideal cable for this plug is also available.

The TRICONE® MKII is a flexible cable for guitar, keyboard, the live musician, studio keyboarder and the home recorder. Based on the sound wire diameter of 0.22 mm² and the fine individual strands of 0.10 mm, it is protected against cable breaks and convinces with high bending cycles. It is very robust, easy to wind, and very reasonably priced.

TRICONE® is a protected and registered trademark of SOMMER CABLE GmbH.

Length: 9.84ft / 3m