Sommer Cable Colonel Incredible 3m / 9.84ft

Sommer Cable

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High-end guitar cable, recommended for ambitious studio- and live musicians.

Sommer Cable Colonel Incredible 3m / 9.84ft

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Living in the wilderness...
is hard and unmerciful. SOMMER Cable has developed the COLONEL INCREDIBLE especially for this purpose! It is robust, flexible, strong and olive green! This lets you and your cable adapt to the environment just perfectly, and thanks to the military colour you can leave the stage almost unnoticed after a bad gig.

But seriously - the COLONEL INCREDIBLE from Sommer's “OFFROAD SERIES“ is a respectable cable with a very well balanced sound image an a wonderfully smooth frequency response.

This high end guitar cable consists of two wires and is technically optimised. It has the most innovative concentrically stranded litz, so that no runtime deviations are to be expected.

Length: 9.84ft / 3m